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Shanghai profound precision machinery co., LTD., founded in 2002, is a registered by the industrial and commercial bureau, specializing in the production of used in computer, automotive, electronic, digital industries such as precision metal stamping products and automotive automatic detection equipment, fixture, jig, fixture, mold design and manufacture of high-tech enterprises. 

Located in the traffic developed wuhu doves Jiang district fengming hubei road, cover an area of 1500 square metres. The new road electronic door. Foda fixture shop is located in wuhu economic and technological development zone industrial park, the company occupies a land area of 1200 square metres. Since its establishment, the company spirit of "take the customer as the center, the good faith management, continuous improvement, excellence, continuous innovation, the two sides a win-win" concept, gathered a batch of mould, fixture, clamp the elite of the industry, challenge the industry's latest technology and higher precision.

Profound precision "has been widely used in mobile phones, computers, automotive, electronics, electrical appliances and other products. With stable quality, quick service and very reasonable prices won praise in the industry.

Our commitment is: both sides win-win situation!

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